As you may already know, Island of the Blue Dolphins took place on a real island off the coast of United States, California. This island is known under the name of Saint Nicolas Island. The story took place in the 1900


The Island that Island of the Blue Dolphins took place on, Saint Nicolas Island.

s. The exact date is unknown.


In the movie the scenery is almost all natural. The only thing handmade is the villages and any left over items of the tribe. It has beautiful beaches and rock formations. It also has some cliff-like rock formations. It has great views and and picture worthy sights. If you look it up, you can find some nice pictures.

Climate (Guess)Edit

I have never been to Saint Nicolas Island so here is my guess of its climate. In the movie it seems like a warm, spring climate with lots of animals around. Some spots may seem warmer or colder than others. The climate is mostly likely my guess.