Here I will display pictures and describe what the weapons are and how they can be used. It has weapons used by Karana.

The Weapons and ToolsEdit

Here's the list!

The SpearEdit

The spear is a commonly used weapon in survival. It is a long, stable wooden pole that has a sharp piece of rock or metal at its tip. It is a weapons used a lot in the time of the Spartans. Some spears are used for throwing. Others are used for stabbing and killing fish while in a net. Karana used a spear in the book more frequently than in the movie.


This is a spear. Not like the one used in the book and movie.


The Bow and ArrowEdit

Bow and Arrow

This a bow and arrow. Not like the one used in Island of the Blue Dolphins.

The bow and arrow are very commonly used weapons. It is a bendable stick with strings attached to the ends. Then an arrow is used to pull the string back and released to launch the arrow. It is used a lot in Island of the Blue Dolphins. Sometimes arrows are used for stabbing. Karan's used the spear to gather many of her foods

Herbs and Berries.Edit

I know I know. Herbs and berries aren't tools. But they can be used to heal. Karana used berries and herbs to help heal Rontu after shooting him with an arrow. Such a nice girl. Herbs and berries are used under some traditions. Many believe that they have special powers because in a way, healing is a special power.


These are some herbs. They are leaves that help heal sickness and wounds.

In these pictures, I have found some common herb pictures. This one I thought fit what I'm doing.