Zia as she appears on the cover of 1st edition of the novel.

Zia is a character of Zia. She is the main character of Zia. She is alos the niece fo Karana. She does not appear in Island Of The Blue Dolphins.









Mando (brother), Karana (aunt)



Island Of The Blue DolphinsEdit

Zia does not appear in Island Of The Blue Dolphins nor is she mentioned for unknown reasons.


Zia appears in the book believing her aunt Karana is still alive. She lives at the mission. She decides to go to the island along with her younger brother Mando in a very big boat. However, they fail to get to the island. Captain Nidever and Father Vicente go to the island to hunt otter and find Karana. Meanwhile, Stone Hands gives the key to girls room to Zia. She unlocks it and is put in prison because, she was believed to to be instigator of the escape. Captain Nidever and Father Vicente soon return with Karana and Rontu-Aru. They argue and they free Zia form prison. Karana stays at the mission and settles into the life. Father Merced gets very sick and dies. Father Vicente takes over. He allows the people to sell the things and for them to keep the money. He then goes to Monterey Bay, leaving Father Malatesta to fill his place. Nobody likes him so, they all flee. Karana later gets sick and she is found by Zia in a cave. Karana dies from her sickness a few days later. Zia returns to Pala, her hometown where she dies years later.